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Welcome to The Oak

A social club dedicated to self-made captains of industry and like-minded individuals. Unapologetic, masculine, opulent and no attention to detail spared. Our clubhouse is designed to be a retreat and a reward to those who have achieved success. Enjoy our selection of premium cigars, rare small batch bourbon, cask strength scotch, artisan mezcal, and old world wine.

Membership includes personalized lockers to store and age cigars in the climate controlled humidor along with individual bottle lockers to house a coveted bottle of Pappy 23 or Cadenhead 28 . We also stock a variety of smoking accoutrement and a selection of accessories geared toward men, a Haberdashery of sorts.

Perched above South Main Street under the shade of our giant hallmark Oak is the expansive outdoor deck offering a mix of lounge and table seating, it's a great space to soak in the weather or occasional live band. Just off the deck is the Main Lounge and adjacent bar by design is to relax, converse, and catch up with others. The aft area is the "Hemingway Room" and pays homage to the iceberg theorist, displaying literary works of art and period pieces synonymous to the novelist.


We have activities to sharpen your golf game, a competition pool table and for audiophiles, a Hifi experience courtesy of Mcintosh and Klipsch. If conducting business is a must reserve the enclosed office for calls, video conferencing, or in person meetings. 

Our knowledgeable team strives to provide members an unrivaled level of service and the best experience, either at home in the clubhouse, or offsite at one of our invite-only signature events. We also happen to pour some pretty classic cocktails.

Consider The Oak a reward of your achievem

                                                                                                      - The Oak of Boerne

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