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 Royale Events & Rituals

Elevate Your Event with a Luxurious Cigar Experience



At The Oak - Royale Events & Rituals, we bring the sophistication and elegance of a full cigar experience to your special occasions. From weddings and product launches to conventions, team-building events, and corporate gatherings our premium services transform any gathering into an unforgettable experience.



Complete Cigar Experience Setup

Our professional team handles everything from start to finish, setting up an elegant cigar station that seamlessly integrates into your event, creating a sophisticated ambiance for your guests.


Cigar Distribution and Assistance

Our staff will hand out, cut, and light cigars for your guests, ensuring they enjoy a flawless smoking experience.


Custom Branded Accessories

Make your event truly unique with custom branded lighters, cutters, and ashtrays. These personalized keepsakes will leave a lasting impression on your guests.


Expert Education Sessions  

Our cigar experts are available to educate smokers of all levels, from beginners to advanced aficionados. Learn about cigar etiquette, construction, and the rich history of cigars. Our interactive and informative sessions add a unique and engaging element to your event.

Perfect for Any Occasion


Corporate Events

Elevate your corporate gatherings with a refined cigar experience, adding a touch of luxury that will impress clients, partners, and employees alike


Stand out by offering a unique and relaxing cigar lounge, providing a distinguished experience for convention attendees.

Team Building

Enhance team spirit and camaraderie with a shared cigar experience, perfect for corporate retreats and team-building events.

Product Launches

Impress your audience with a luxurious cigar experience that complements your brand's image and prestige.


Add a touch of class and sophistication to your wedding with a premium cigar bar, creating memorable moments for your guests.

Why Choose The Oak - Royale Events & Rituals?


- Unmatched Expertise: Our experienced professionals are passionate about cigars and dedicated to providing an exceptional experience.

- Tailored Services: We customize our offerings to fit the unique needs and themes of your event.

- Luxury and Sophistication: From setup to execution, every detail is designed to exude elegance and class.

- Educational and Engaging: Our experts provide informative and enjoyable sessions, enriching your guests' understanding and appreciation of fine cigars.


Customized Pricing


We understand that every event is unique. That's why our pricing is customized to fit each event and budget. Our experts are ready to prepare a detailed proposal after a brief conversation to understand your specific needs and vision.


Book Your Exclusive Cigar Experience Today


Ready to elevate your event with The Oak - Royale Events & Rituals? Contact us to discuss your event needs and let us help you create an unforgettable and luxurious experience for your guests.


Contact Us  


Phone: (830) 357-1090


Join us in celebrating the art and ritual of cigar smoking, and let The Oak - Royale Events & Rituals make your occasion truly extraordinary.

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